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Product Overview

LED Bottle Display 

The LED Bottle Display from Club Sparklers Will Entice All Guests

  • Features multi-colored, programmable lights

  • Easy to carry handles

  • Calls attention to VIP bottle service

  • Guests love the hype of the bottle

Looking to take your bottle service to the next level? Our LED bottle displays are the way to do it. These bottle service trays are a great way to make your VIP guests feel truly special. As you cocktail servers hoist this bottle service tray in the air, all eyes will be drawn to the VIP bottle that’s about to hit the table. Entice other club goers to get in on the fun of VIP bottle service while also making it easy for your servers to carry their bottles. The LED bottle displays are practical, but above all, they’re fun.

  • LED Bottle Displays are acrylic

  • This bottle service tray comes with an adjustable neck support

  • A programmable control is included with the bottle service tray


(No reviews yet) Write a Review