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inflatables-1a.jpgLED INFLATABLES

Have you ever attempted to decorate your club, bar, or event only to have it fall just short of fabulous?
More often than not, bar and club owners, as well as event planners, tend to choose decor that doesn’t fit the space.

Why is this a problem?
Making sure you the proper decor for your event or club is a major aspect of creating an ambiance that makes you guests never want to leave. If you’re holding an event, it’s one of the most important aspects to making sure that it is a successful one. One of the best options for fantastic decor is LED glow inflatables. They’re large, they’re beautiful, and best of all, they’re easy to handle. Decor that does it all is so hard to come by, but with the LED inflatables from Club Sparklers, you can create a great environment for your party goers.

Club Sparkler has tons of options for LED inflatable decor, including LED light furniture. Turn one of your VIP tables into a glowing spectacle and really call attention to your VIP guests. Here are some of the LED glow inflatable decor we have available for you.

  • LED Inflatable Stars

  • LED Inflatable Spirals

  • LED Inflatable Horns

  • LED Inflatable Spheres

All of our products come with an inner blower and a remote control so you can ensure that your decor will look great.

Get the most out of your decor for your bar, club, or event and shop the LED glow inflatable decor from Club Sparklers now!


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