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Product Overview

                  Ace VIP Bottle Presenter


 Nothing says “high roller” like VIP bottle service presented in the LED glow Ace bottle presenter. Never before has there been such a great way to call attention to your VIP bottle service tables than with our Ace bottle presenter. Between the design and the lighting, you’ll love the look of this bright VIP bottle presenter.

  • This VIP bottle presenter is shaped like a spade.

  • Our bottle presenter is gold with acrylic LED lighting.

  • These VIP bottle service presenters call attention to your table

  • The VIP bottle presenter is very easy to carry.

With the VIP bottle service presenter, you can bet you’ll have all eyes on your VIP tables. Not only will it call attention to the table, but other guests will get serious  just wishing they had ordered VIP bottle service too. Our LED glow bottle presenters are easy to carry, attention grabbing, and durable. You can bet your cocktail servers and guests alike, will love this VIP bottle presenter.


  • The acrylic LED Glow lighting is multicolored.

  • It comes with a programmable controller.

  • It comes with comfortable handles and neck strap for easy carrying and control.


Requires 14-21 Days for Production, Ships in 24-48 hours AFTER PRODUCTION

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Disclaimer: If you wish to produce these VIP TRAYS with a specific Branding of liquor logo or name, we would require an authorized letter from your liquor distributor authorizing the production and use of their Branding.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review