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LED Glow Bottle Glorifier 

Add a touch of light to every top shelf bottle with the LED strobe bottle glorifiers. These LED glow lights create the perfect looking LED bottle while highlighting the the top shelf liquor you have to offer. LED bottles tend to sell themselves, so these LED strobe stickers are a must have. Not only do they make the bottle look great, but they make the display look great as well.

  • These LED strobe stickers are adhesive

  • The LED bottle stickers come with three flash settings

  • They call attention to the bottle itself

  • You can easily see the bottle when in dark lighting.

Whether you’re setting up a bar to look it’s best or you’re looking to add a special touch to your VIP bottle service, the LED bottle stickers from Club Sparklers are the way to go. Not only do they serve the practical purpose of lighting up the bottle in a dark lit room, but they also help to sell more VIP tables as well!

  • LED glow bottle stickers come in one color

  • The sticker glorifiers are available for purchase in single packs or in bulk

  • The LED strobe stickers are waterproof


Led Bottle Light Up Sticker







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