LED Inflatable Octopus DJ Booth - 53' Foot

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 LED Inflatable Octopus  DJ Booth - 53' Foot


Led inflatable octopus custom made for each venue, concert, festival nightclub  It is currently made in the 26', 33′ or 53′  size or the inflatable piece can be made to needed size.

The  tentacles are also maneuverable to fit or wrap-around your space  and to make this Dj booth one of a kind.

The Led inflatable is made and printed on Oxford fabric, this unit is also flame retardant and fireproof as well as water resistant, designed to last and endure the elements outdoors.

The  LED Octopus DJ Booth Cabin is covered by the Octopus Head and inside is very spacious, made with more than enough room to fit a Dj Table. The Dj Booth window is conveniently placed facing out through the Front of the Octopus facing the crowd.




The Dj Cabin and Head Cavity that is 18 Feet in height, 16 feet deep, and 16 Feet wide. It is made to protect the Electronic gear.


The Led inflatable octopus has  1 units of exterior wireless remote controlled LED lights  and will light up the outside of the octopus, change colors, and different flashing/fading modes, to highlight the exterior of the piece.

This LED inflatable uses 2 different fans/blowers  depending on what country please specify whether you need 110 or 220 Volt Fan/Blowers,1 of these are included.

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