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Custom Wristbands -100 pack 


PRODUCT SIZE 8.25" x  3/8"

3.75" x 0.25" IMPRINT AREA

Your club should be branded from head to toe. Starting with entry all the way until they’re walking out of the club and one of the best ways to do this is with custom wristbands. In fact, they’ll actually leave a lasting impression on your guests as they wake to find your brand still on their arms after a night of partying at your establishment.

  • Our wristbands are customizable.

  • Our wristbands are silicone

  • Our silicone wristbands are tough and won’t tear off.

  • Our custom wristbands are extremely unique.

You want your guests to have a one of a kind experience that they won’t forget, why not start it at the door with custom wristbands? Customized silicone wristbands are a great way to ensure wristbands stay on your guests arms, and on top of that, they glow. Nothing looks cooler than looking out over a dance floor with all hands glowing in the air.

  • Orders of custom wristbands come in packs of 100

  • Choose wristbands in red, orange, blue, green, and white.

  • Come with LED light.




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